Edgar Andrews


Edgar Andrews has a way of making the profound accessible. His scholarship informs the reader about key questions of our time, offering wise guidance and illumination.

– Paul Copan, Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University, USA.


This winsome new work by Professor Andrews sets forth a cogent answer to one of the most pressing questions of our day: “What is Man?” It demonstrates the utter failure of the pervasive worldview of Darwinian naturalism to provide a satisfying answer to this question, and why we must turn to an ancient source, namely the Bible, to find the ultimate answer. Based on solid scholarship both scientific and theological, and robustly argued, I highly recommend it!

– Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.


I found What Is Man? informative and hard to put down. Understanding the biblical teaching on this subject is essential for developing a Christian worldview. Dr. Andrews’ reader-friendly writing style, combined with his scientific and theological expertise, make this book unique. I would highly recommend it for pastors and laymen alike. If you are a Christian, it will stretch your mind, bless you and aid you in defending your faith in a world that is increasingly hostile to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

– Robert L. Dickie, Author and Senior Pastor, Berean Baptist Church, Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA.


What Is Man? brings together insights from the many current philosophical views of man, detailing for the layperson their meaning and ramifications. The reader will be uplifted by Dr. Andrews’ deep knowledge of faith and science, and believer and seeker alike will enjoy this book. While some of the topics are complex, the writing style makes this book accessible, informative, and educational. I highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of their faith or education, because the issues discussed will become more and more relevant in an age that is questioning the very meaning of reality.

-Scott Schroeder, Graduate, Michgan State University, USA.


It’s a really great read. Edgar Andrews’ work is both deeply informed and very enjoyable—a wonderful combination of virtues for an author. We will happily promote What Is Man? on Books At a Glance with high recommendations.



Dr Andrews combines humor, wit, and convincing arguments in What Is Man?—an articulate masterpiece that defends the biblical worldview while competently refuting the evolutionary perspective.

-Nate Herbst, Master Plan Student Ministries and The God Solution radio show, USA.


Down the centuries, a galaxy of thinkers have given their answers to the Psalmist’s deceptively simple question, What is Man? asked three millennia ago. Most have fallen wide of the mark; a few have come nearer the target. Here, with honesty, erudition, and a sure but light touch, Edgar Andrews leads his readers, through the maze of conflicting ideas, to the answer that surely captivates the intellect and satisfies the spirit.

-Roger W. Fay, pastor and editor of Evangelical Times, UK.


This engaging book, written by an accomplished scientist and easily digestible by a general readership, succeeds splendidly in breaking down into “bite-sized” pieces complex ideas about the origin, constitution, significance, and final destiny of mankind—offering a sometimes humorous buts till profound critique of the claims of secularists. Apt analogies taken from everyday life are an outstanding features of the book.

-Martin Erdmann, theologian, author, and director of the Verax Institute.


In What Is Man? Dr Andrews, boldly addresses one of the preeminent questions of our generation. The debates regarding the nature of man are scientific, theological, philosophical and cultural, just as starters. The implications are legion. Andrews’ treatment is pointed, comprehensive, humorous, sound and (most critically) thoroughly informed from a biblical worldview centered on the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.

-Joe Fleener, husband, father, pastor, Bible College lecturer, conference speaker, New Zealand.


It was both delightful and edifying to read Professor Andrews’ earlier book Who Made God? on the evidences for the existence of God. An excitement in the staid ranks of Christians greeted its publication. Everyone was reading it. Now he has produced a sequel answering the next most fundamental question people are asking: What is Man? Who am I? Where did I come from? What is my purpose in my brief and uncertain life? Begin your search here!

-Geoff Thomas, Pastor and Conference Speaker, UK.


In What Is Man? (a sequel to his excellent book Who Made God?), Prof Andrews tackles another great question we all ask. Next to a true knowledge of God, a true knowledge of ourselves remains critical. With his usual combination of reliable and helpfully explained science, biblical knowledge, cultural awareness, good humor and rapier-sharp reasoning, the author covers virtually every important aspect of the question. Would that every young person could read this book, which offers such clear direction amidst the many voices calling for their attention.

-Steven Bowers, director, European Mission Fellowship and former pastor.